Corner Flair

David Love

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  1. A.M. Simpkins & Associates - Lawrenceville, GA (Remote)
    1. Independent Development Consultant (September 2015 - Current)
      • Performed SQL migration tasks including Envisionizing code.
      • Provided development resources and expertise to a third party consulting company in the creation of business logic to handle enrollment pattern calculation of non-standard terms for one of their clients. Created custom Colleague subroutines to calculate and store a student's enrollment pattern. Wrote computed columns for use in rules processing and reporting for various projects.
      • Collaborated across organizations and time zones with tools such as teleconferencing, virtual meeting software (GoToMeeting), and group productivity applications (Google Docs). Engaged in remote pair programming sessions utilizing screen sharing software.
  2. Ferrilli - Media, PA (Remote)
    1. Senior Business Process Engineer (April 2013 - December 2013)
      • Developed multiple state reporting systems involving import, export, and transformation of data from Colleague data files into formats defined by said states (including fixed-width, comma-delimited, and XML). Employed ELF (internal and external file processing) in the import and export of data. Automated external data transfer, export, and import processes using cron and the Windows Task Scheduler.
      • Worked both on-site and remotely with a client to replace their UniBasic state reporting programs with Envision Basic processes. Wrote a data transform and upload program using Windows PowerShell for submission of the required reports to the state.
      • Created reports through SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) against Microsoft SQL Server databases both utilizing the Colleague Operational Data Store (ODS) and directly against the Colleague tables.


  1. Gateway Technical College - Kenosha, WI
    1. Information Technology Instructor - Adjunct (January 2016 - April 2016)
      • Taught introductory programming in a blended online and classroom environment. Developed materials both for instruction and for assessment of students based on predefined course competencies. Employed technologies such as Blackboard, Visual Studio 2013, and Visual Basic .NET (including using LINQ) as instructional aids.
  2. Rochester Institute of Technology - Rochester, NY
    1. Student Lab Instructor - Computer Science (September 2002 - May 2003)
      • As a graduate student, taught lab sections of Computer Science for Transfers, Introduction to Computer Science 3, and Introduction to Computer Science 4. Graded all students’ work and held weekly open office hours. Introduction to Computer Science 3 language: Java; Computer Science for Transfers and Introduction to Computer Science 4 language: C++

Software Development and Support

  1. Western International University - Tempe, AZ
    1. Senior Developer - Colleague Administrator (June 2014 - July 2014)
      • Fostered a relationship between Ferrilli and Western International University for additional support and resources to assist in the migration of Colleague and supporting systems from a Solaris platform running UniData to a Windows platform running Microsoft SQL Server.
      • Developed solutions using the Scrum agile development methodology.
  2. Gateway Technical College - Kenosha, WI
    1. Programmer/Analyst (December 2008 - April 2013)
      • Led a cross-functional team consisting of students, faculty, and staff in the design and deployment of a computerized check-in process for Tutoring Services. Performed requirements gathering and analysis with the team. Built the application for check-in using Java with Swing and UniObjects for Java. Implemented reporting solutions using UniQuery. Wrote documentation and developed training materials as a team.
      • Managed and participated in all aspects of the development of an alternative registration process through WebAdvisor for Continuing Education including defining the functional requirements, implementation using Colleague Studio, testing, training, and maintenance work to accommodate the deployment of eCommerce.
      • Led a small team in the development of a student-submitted document tracking solution for the Nursing department. Worked with another Programmer/Analyst to create custom Colleague forms and files for storing processed and received document statuses for each student as defined by business rules. Built workflows in Perceptive ImageNow and scripted custom behavior to interact with both stock and custom Colleague forms.
      • Created Python DB-API bindings to UniData with C using InterCall for custom reporting purposes.
      • Installed and configured Colleague UI 4.x and WebAdvisor. Managed customizations and installed patches for Colleague. Automated various processes using cron, sed, awk, and other standard Unix tools as well as shell scripting.
      • Trained with Ellucian on SAP Web Intelligence, Business Objects Server Administration, Business Objects Designer, and Microsoft SQL Query Fundamentals.
  3. Carthage College - Kenosha, WI
    1. Computer Programmer/Computer Support Technician (September 2005 - August 2007)
      • Integrated account management operations between Novell eDirectory and the CommuniGate Pro email server by creating various utilities in Perl.
      • Resolved issues escalated from other staff members. Built images for faculty and staff computers using Symantec Ghost.
    2. Computer Programmer (September 2004 - August 2005)
      • Designed a customized theme for the CommuniGate Pro webmail interface to include Carthage branding as well as increase usability utilizing HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
    3. Computer Center Intern (March 2001 - August 2001, July 2003 - September 2003)
      • Developed a "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" style game for use at a national conference. Implemented a custom Java Look and Feel to render standard Swing widgets in the style of the show. Loaded question sets from files using a custom XML document type.
      • Created a file synchronization application for faculty, staff, and student use in C++ utilizing the Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC).
      • Automated system backups and email account generation using Perl and cron.
  4. Apple - Cupertino, CA
    1. Systems Programmer (June 2002 - August 2002)
      • Built a web-based utility for generating real-time reports of disk utilization broken down by user and directory with Perl and gnuplot.
      • Researched and piloted the deployment of a standardized window manager on OS X workstations throughout the Hardware Engineering division for use in running remote X applications from Solaris servers. Presented a postmortem report to the senior leadership of the division, including the Vice President.


  1. University of Wisconsin - Parkside - Kenosha, WI
    1. Business Management - Finance (Anticipated May 2019)
      • Bachelor of Science
  2. Gateway Technical College - Kenosha, WI
    1. Mobile Device Programming (Android development course completed December 2012)
  3. Rochester Institute of Technology - Rochester, NY
    1. MS: Computer Science (4.0 GPA) (November 2007)
    2. Computer Science - Highest Honors (3.9 GPA) (November 2007)
      • Bachelor of Science
      • Minor: Psychology