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  1. Ideation, Futuristic, Command, Maximizer, and Analytical


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  2. Curriculum Vitae
    1. My curriculum vitae is located at http://www.nighton.net/cv/. A portable document file is also available at http://www.nighton.net/cv/David Love - Curriculum Vitae.pdf.

  3. Résumé
    1. My résumé is located at http://www.nighton.net/resume/. A portable document file is also available at http://www.nighton.net/resume/David Love - Résumé.pdf.


  1. Gateway Technical College - Kenosha, WI (September 2012 - December 2012)
    1. Mobile Device Programming
  2. Rochester Institute of Technology - Rochester, NY
      (September 2000 - October 2005, September 2006, September 2007 - November 2007)
    1. MS: Computer Science
    2. BS: Computer Science (Highest Honors)
      • Minor: Psychology
      • Cooperative Education:
        1. Carthage College - Kenosha, WI
          1. Computer Center Intern (March 2001 - August 2001, July 2003 - September 2003)
        2. Apple - Cupertino, CA
          1. Systems Programmer (June 2002 - August 2002)
    3. Work Study
      1. Rochester Institute of Technology - Rochester, NY
        1. Lab Assistant - Computer Science (March 2004 - May 2004)
        2. Student Lab Instructor - Computer Science (September 2002 - May 2003)
        3. Lab Manager - Computer Science (January 2002 - May 2002)
        4. Technical Assistant - MMET/PS (September 2000 - April 2001, August 2001 - November 2001)
      2. Carthage College - Kenosha, WI
        1. Computer Programmer (January 2002, January 2003, January 2004)
  3. Carthage College - Kenosha, WI (September 1998 - May 2000)


  1. Western International University - Tempe, AZ
    1. Senior Developer - Colleague Administrator (June 2014 - July 2014)
      • Facilitated in developing a relationship between Ferrilli and Western International University for additional support and resources to assist in the migration of Colleague and supporting systems from a Solaris platform running UniData to a Windows platform running Microsoft SQL Server.
  2. Ferrilli - Media, PA
    1. Senior Business Process Engineer (April 2013 - December 2013)
      • Developed multiple state reporting systems involving export and transformation of data from Colleague into formats defined by said states (including fixed-width, comma-delimited, and XML).
      • Created a system based on security classes for determining institution-defined required information gathering in WebAdvisor.
      • Optimized processing code to remove hard database queries, replacing the relevant code with Ellucian-standard statements for abstracted data retrieval (for use across multiple database platforms) resulting in a significant increase in the speed of the relevant program.
      • Analyzed and debugged a situation with a client requiring the modification and update of a large number of computed columns.
      • Created multiple reports through SSRS against Microsoft SQL Server databases both utilizing ODS, and directly against the Colleague tables.
      • Created a data transform program for upload into an external system using Windows PowerShell.
  3. Gateway Technical College - Kenosha, WI
    1. Programmer/Analyst (December 2008 - April 2013)
      • Colleague development experience using UniQuery on UniData and Envision Basic utilizing both the Envision Tool Kit (ETK) and Colleague Studio. Additional projects included developing with InterCall and C as well as UniObjects for Java to interface with the database. Modules developed for include (but are not limited to) Financial Aid, Registration, and Admissions.
      • Developed an alternative registration process through WebAdvisor for Continuing Education (including modifications to accommodate the deployment of eCommerce).
      • Installation and configuration experience with Colleague UI 4.x, and WebAdvisor.
      • System administration and integration experience with both Colleague (including patch installation and customization management) and Perceptive ImageNow.
      • Automation of various processes using cron, sed, awk, and other standard Unix tools as well as shell scripting.
      • Ellucian training on SAP Web Intelligence, Business Objects Server Administration, Business Objects Designer, and Microsoft SQL Query Fundamentals.
  4. Carthage College - Kenosha, WI
    1. Computer Programmer/Computer Support Technician (September 2005 - August 2007)
      • Developed utilities to integrate authentication systems between various systems from different vendors including Novell eDirectory and CommuniGate Pro.
      • Modified a system obtained from another college to check student machines for the presence of anti-virus software, as well as specific patches.
      • Integrated the system-check utility with NetReg.
      • Created various administration utilities and reports utilizing Perl.
      • Responsible for building images for faculty and staff machines using Symantec Ghost.
      • Diagnosed and corrected both hardware and software issues for faculty and staff computers.
    2. Computer Programmer (September 2004 - August 2005)
      • Developed student self-service utilities for the email system to allow for password changes as well as other account changes without staff intervention.
      • Created a customized theme for the CommuniGate Pro webmail interface to include Carthage branding as well as increase usability utilizing HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
      • Researched various best practices for the email system in order to improve performance.
  5. Boys & Girls Club of Kenosha - Kenosha, WI
    1. Youth Development Professional (January 1999 - August 2000)
      • Developed and implemented educational programs for the members.
      • Created and maintained the computer lab network for the Madrigrano Center.
      • Assisted in drafting a successful grant application for renovation of the computer lab.


  1. Gateway Educational Support Professionals - Kenosha, WI
    1. Kenosha Campus Union Representative (September 2010 - May 2012)
  2. Ubuntu
    1. Independent Community Packager (Mugshot) (July 2006 - February 2008)
  3. John Bullen Junior High School - Kenosha, WI
    1. Webmaster (October 1996 - June 1997)
      • Developed and maintained the school's primary website.
      • Provided remote support via 14.4 kbit/s dial-up connection and email (dlove@kusd.kusd.edu), as well as phone, and on-site support as necessary.